Betsy O'Flynn

Hospitality Committee

Greetings from the Hospitality Committee! This is a very easy ministry – volunteers are paired up and assigned a couple of Sunday's a year to provide some refreshments for after the church service. The church provides the coffee, cups, napkins, and plates - the volunteers only need to provide a small amount of food to share. Set up and clean up are easy! We supply this service from October through June. If this sounds like a ministry for you please contact the Church Office (624-3387) and we would be glad to answer any questions that you may have. Please join us after worship as we gather through the doors at the front of our worship space for coffee, refreshments, and fellowship.


Lemonade on the Lawn

During the summer months the Hospitality Committee takes a break and we ask that others in the congregation sign up to host a Sunday of Lemonade on the Lawn. The church provides the lemonade and paper products, you supply a small treat to share. We set up on the front lawn of the church to enjoy the summer weather!

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