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Bill & Jan Connor

Communion occurs on the first Sunday of each month. We are currently using single-serving, prepackaged communion cups/wafers.

Prior to COVID, we would wash the Communion tablecloth and two napkins.  Bread and juice. On Saturday, we arrange the Altar, iron and place the tablecloth. Before Sunday's service, we place a section of Bread on a plate and fill the chalice with juice. We place these on the Altar and place a cloth napkin over each item. We ask for volunteers to serve Communion with our Pastor. After the service, we wash the plate and chalice and put them in the cabinet. We take home the tablecloth and napkins to wash. We vacuum up the bread crumbs and turn off the lights.

If you have any questions or would like to help with this ministry, please contact Jan and Bill Connor at (585) 582-6269 or